How to Make Money on Reddit [11 of the Best Subreddits to Join in 2022]

So just how do you make money on Reddit in 2022? If there is one solitary positive thing to come out of the pandemic, it’s the realization that you can work from your laptop from anywhere in the world.

According to Forbes, data scientists at Ladders have determined that remote employment is here to stay. They predict that by the end of 2022, 25% of all professional positions in North America will be remote and that number will only rise through 2023.

Among all this remote work, there are entrepreneurs thriving on bootstrapping their own ways to make money. In this group are people who have figured out various ways to make money using Reddit, whether you want a nice side hustle or you want to make $5,000 in a week – plus everything in between.

With a little work and tenacity, you too can make money on Reddit. Let’s dive in.

What is Reddit and how does it work?

Reddit is enormous with 430 million monthly visitors making it the sixth most frequented website in the whole world.

It more than lives up to its tagline, “Front Page of the Internet.” Reddit is known for spreading viral news of all kinds. For most, it comes as no surprise that there is a lot of curiosity about the website, what it is, how it operates, and who uses it.

Reddit is a content aggregator chosen by the community and it follows a simple pattern:

It’s a social networking platform where users can post information. Other users can then “upvote” or “downvote” based on their preferences.More people can access a post if it rises in the Reddit ranks as a result of upvotes.If it receives downvotes, the post drops and vanishes from the majority of users’ view.

Smaller communities known as subreddits exist inside Reddit.

Any user can build a subreddit around any topic, whether it be something general like technology or something as specific as a single celebrity.

11 Of The Best Subreddits for Making Money

With this many people flocking to Reddit each month, it shouldn’t surprise you that some entrepreneurial minds came up with ideas to utilize all this web traffic to make money.

And we’re not just talking about the communities where people come to share life stories or tips and tricks and engage in thoughtful discussion about money-making.

We’re talking about entire subreddits devoted to making money!

To be fair, most of these won’t make you a millionaire as there’s a very obvious limit to what you can earn on Reddit.

However, some of them are a great starting place to get some ideas, learn from people in the same boat as you, hop on some opportunities, and make some extra cash each month.


A subreddit that doesn’t need any introduction to regular readers of Niche Pursuits, r/JustStart is a goldmine of great information for any blogger who wants to build a life-changing monthly income. Plus, it’s among our favorite ways to make money on Reddit.

What we love about this sub: 

There are real-life case studies with monthly updates from bloggers at all levels, both veterans and newbies.Some highly respected bloggers like Shaun Marrs contribute their thoughts here regularly.It inspires newbie bloggers to better themselves with the tips given within the community. A great example of that is this member who hit $500 a month and credited the subreddit for helping him get there. 

How lucrative can blogging/web publishing get? How does $50,000 a month sound? That’s how much Jon Dykstra was making when we profiled him in September 2021.

Fast forward a year and his most recent income report is showing an incredible $109,000 in gross income for June 2022 alone. 

There’s also Niche Pursuit’s own Spencer Haws who sold his site for over a quarter of a million dollars last year. Before that, the site ( was making $6,000 a month in consistent revenue.

Both are inspirational blogging stories, and you’ll find a wealth of useful blogging tips in r/JustStart. 

Alternatively, if you want inspiration like this in audio or video form, there’s the Niche Pursuits podcast. It has hundreds of success stories from people in this space. 


Startups is exactly the kind of subreddit we had in mind when we talked about learning from people and getting some ideas.


Redditors: 1mMain focus: Startup tipsMonthly earnings: Unlimited

This place is a great spot to come for advice and mentorship on starting a business. It’s also useful for networking and connecting with other entrepreneurs – what you’ll get here is a community of like-minded entrepreneurs looking for or offering help.

Just remember, as with any subreddit, to take everything you read here with a grain of salt.

No one is on the platform sharing their foolproof cash-grabbing ideas and strategies for free. But, if you pick and choose and weed through the ideas, you can find some good advice and tips here.

r/Beer Money

Arguably the most popular subreddit on this list, BeerMoney is a great place to come for some quick and easy ways to make money.


Redditors: 1.1mMain focus: Tips & quick tasksMonthly earnings: $100-$400+

This subreddit is full of people looking to make some extra cash in their free time by completing short and easy tasks.

These can be anything from taking online surveys to signing up for free trials and everything in between. You can even end up as a product reviewer if you’re lucky, but we’d probably advise against it. There are much better gigs that pay more by the hour.

While the tasks here won’t make you rich (although that very much depends on your definition of rich), they’re a great way to put some pretty decent extra cash in your pocket each month. 

From what we have seen, with the right mindset, some time spent digging through posts, and an open mind, you could probably make a few grand a year working an extra few hours a week. That’s a nice holiday or two paid for.One thing to note is that it takes time and you’ll need realistic goals. BeerMoney is the subreddit for side income, and it won’t pay for your mortgage.With that said, the opportunities are there if you’re willing to put in a bit of work searching through posts and comments. 

Top Tip: Searching by “top” and then by “this month” is a great way to see what is working best right now. That goes for all of these subs we’re mentioning here.


While nowhere near as popular as the subs mentioned above, SignupsForPay is a pretty good place to come if you’re looking for something that requires minimal effort on your end to make money on Reddit.


Redditors: 74.3kMain focus: Sign-up rewardsMonthly earnings: $100-$1000

As you can tell by the name, this subreddit is geared towards people looking for opportunities to make money by signing up for various things.

These can be anything from free trials, referrals (there are a lot of these), sign-up bonuses, and more.

The good thing about this subreddit is that it requires virtually no skills whatsoever and the only thing it requires is time. The not-so-great aspect is that there’s a very good chance the offer is not valid or that you’re being scammed.

Mods do a fairly good job of weeding out the bad offers, but there’s always a chance that something will slip through the cracks.

Either way, if you’re looking for an easy way to make some cash, it doesn’t get any easier and simpler than this on Reddit.


This is arguably the most useful subreddit for both experienced and up-and-coming freelancers looking to hone their skills.


Redditors: 332kMain focus: Tips & discussionsMonthly earnings: Unlimited

This subreddit is a freelancing haven.

It’s packed with experienced freelancers sharing their knowledge and insights, as well as people who are just getting started and are looking for advice.

But (and you need to remember this), this isn’t a place where you can solicit work. 

Mods will come down on you like a ton of bricks if they catch you doing that, resulting in you getting banned from the board. Even if your portfolio is nothing short of brilliant, don’t post seeking jobs if you want to make it in this community.

Think of this subreddit as a great place to learn the ropes, network, and get some insights into the industry.

As for making money with this sub, that’s entirely up to you. Theoretically, if you take the freelancing tips found on this sub to heart, you might make a ton of new income.


QMEE’s still evolving and is definitely the smallest community on this list, but the potential is there.


Redditors: 4.3kMain focus: Quick tasksMonthly earnings: $100-$400

QMEE is a solid way to make some extra cash in your spare time by doing pretty much nothing other than clicking the left mouse button and looking at your screen. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s because it is.

Think of it as r/BeerMoney’s baby brother (or sister). It’s smaller but just as hungry.

The tasks here are very easy and usually revolve around paying surveys which pay a few bucks. If you’re ready to put in a few hours of “work” each day, you could make a couple of hundred dollars pretty easily.


This subreddit is the place to be if you’re a freelancer offering your services or if you’re looking for one. Either way, you’re in the right place.


Redditors: 283kMain focus: Freelance gigsMonthly earnings: Unlimited

If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to make your presence known when there are almost 300,000 Redditors here, don’t stress. The answer’s pretty simple.

Offer some quality and in-demand services and be relentless in applying for the advertised jobs.

If you’ve spent some time honing your skills and you’re confident in your abilities, the whole community’s at your fingertips.



WorkOnline’s is similar to r/Freelance in the sense that this is the place where you and like-minded Redditors can discuss business opportunities but can’t self-promote.


Redditors: 454kMain focus: Tips & discussionsMonthly earnings: Unlimited

This sub is all about learning from others who work online, putting yourself in a position to find work in those same conditions and make more than a decent living.

Just take that “no self-promotion” rule seriously and you’ll be fine.


If there was ever a time to get into writing, it’s now. The market is booming with job offers for anyone that can compellingly weave words together which you’ll see as soon as you open up this subreddit.


Redditors: 70.3kMain focus: Copy & content writingMonthly earnings: $200-$5000

Once again, the hard truth is that you’ll face a lot of competition. For each “Hiring” post there are ten “Hire Me” posts, so you’ll need some flair, skill, and, above all, tenacity to stand out.

The good news is that basic writing is a relatively easy skill to grasp and once you’ve learned the ropes, you can start improving your articles month after month. Once you elevate from basic writing, you can start increasing your rate per word. 

How high can you go? Well, a couple of moderators of r/FreelanceWriters are now experienced enough to charge 50 cents per word. 

That’s a very tasty $500 per thousand-word article. And while you won’t get to 50 cents a word overnight, r/HireaWriter is full of people that are looking to pay good money for quality content. 

Note: The sub has a “no job less than 5 cents a word” rule. This does a great job of protecting the writers from lowball offers.

If you can deliver some real top-shelf stuff to clients, you’re in for a three or even four-figure income each month.


While some may think the crypto craze is over since its $2 trillion wipeout, it’s still used by 180 million people worldwide. So it’s no surprise that there’s a subreddit offering jobs that pay you via cryptocurrency.


Redditors: 54.8kMain focus: Jobs for Bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies)Monthly earnings: $100-$5,000

This subreddit is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to get your feet wet in the world of cryptocurrency.

There are plenty of opportunities to find work here, and since the pay is in Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies), it’ll be a great way to build your pile of crypto – without having to buy said crypto.

One thing to keep in mind is you’ll have a better chance of securing a gig if you’re a developer or some other kind of tech-savvy individual.


A forum for graphic designers and those wishing to recruit designers, r/DesignJobs is a popular job board on Reddit.

It works like this:

Community members can publish information about the position they’re looking to fill, and designers can post information about their availability and the services they offer.
The majority of entries at the moment are made by designers searching for work. However, new positions are frequently posted.
The majority of the positions include graphic design work such as developing a brand or creating designs for product packaging.

Reddit Success Stories

Let’s talk about the results and real-life stories of people that took this whole “make money with Reddit” concept and added some entrepreneurial gusto.

Alyssa X.

Alyssa is a young developer and a serial entrepreneur with dreams and skills to match — and more than a dozen products to back it all up.

At the age of just 21, Alyssa built a MacOS app that made her five grand within a week, thanks in large part to Reddit.

Alyssa created a MacOS app called Later that allowed you to save all of the open tabs, windows, and apps on your Mac so that you can access them later. 

In a nutshell: she created a bookmark for everything you do “in the moment” on your Mac device.

And it all started on Reddit with her post on r/MacApp.

And, even though her app was very well received on the subreddit, many members there gave her invaluable feedback on how to improve it, including:

They said that closing applications automatically on the Later app was risky and that it would be preferable if the app hid them instead.Additionally, the subreddit members thought that $5 was a reasonable price for the app. Initially, she was thinking about charging $15, but members told her this was simply too pricey.To add value, she included lifetime updates and settled on a launch price of $12.

Getting this early constructive criticism from passionate Mac users was invaluable. Once she got it and acted on it, the app took off like a rocket soon after Alyssa pressed “post” on the first Tweet about Later. 

Irshad Karim

Irshad Karim is an artist that currently makes thousands of dollars in mostly passive income, simply because he created a subReddit that now has over 250k students.

The link above to the Patreon article mentions him making $2,000 a month, but that was in 2018. Since then, Irshad’s income on the platform has exploded and increased by nearly $7,000. 

He founded the subreddit r/ArtFundamentals in 2014, and it currently has over a quarter of a million users, remarkable numbers for any subreddit but particularly a niche one. 

His subscribers on r/ArtFundementals gave back to him on his Patreon as a thank you for all his hard work. 

This was a result of his devotion to giving worthwhile, free material and advice to the subreddit, as well as constantly interacting with his expanding community.

What does he do on the subreddit? 

He posts his paintings and provides valuable content to people that want to learn how to draw. It all started as sharing valuable tips for emerging artists.Soon, this became a panel for artists to swap advice and discuss their artwork. Additionally, light critiquing was given to each other as the subreddit grew in popularity. 

At first, all of this was free – Irshad’s advice, that is. But, after a while, it was obvious that he could make money off his efforts, so he launched a Patreon and his Reddit community happily followed.

The result is an income of almost 9 grand a month. And it all started on Reddit. 

What’s brilliant about Reddit is its niche-oriented concept which means targeting a certain audience is pretty much impossible to mess up.

There are two types of ads you can run:

Promoted postsDisplay posts

The first ones are written ads – they’re identical to regular posts, with the only difference being the “Sponsored” tag.

You can decide whether you want to craft these as link ads or text ads that lead the users to your landing page.

Display posts are your run-of-the-mill banner ads, with a slight caveat. They’re mind-bogglingly expensive, getting well into five figures if you want to go all-in and generate some leads. So, if you’re a member of /r/Startups, you should maybe keep your money for developing your business instead.

Other than that, just be smart and follow a few guidelines with your promoted posts:

Aim for the right niche.Interact with your target audience.Catch your audience’s intention.Present value right away.Allow comments.Make the most of the results.

Do this, and you might just make some very nice revenue off your Reddit ads.

Like trying any new marketing platform, it’s best to test the waters with $50 before jumping in with a $5,000 budget.

How Do I Avoid Getting Scammed When Making Money on Reddit?

We’ve mentioned it already, but you have to be aware that there are scammers on Reddit lurking in all communities.

r/SlaveLabour, in particular, is rife with scams. Here’s how to avoid them:

If you can’t tell by the name, r/SlaveLabour isn’t exactly the place to go to if you want to get paid fairly, and that’s putting it mildly.You’re more likely to end up scammed than to find an actual job here.This subreddit is full of people looking for cheap labor, and since most of the gigs posted here are one-offs, some people will try to scam you.The best advice we could give you is to read the subreddit rules, pay attention to pinned posts, and use common sense.More often than not, if something’s too good to be true – on this subreddit or others – it usually is.

Pros and Cons of Using Reddit to Make Money


It requires no upfront investment.
Oftentimes, it requires little to no skill (especially in r/BeerMoney).
Sometimes, it’s a place for professionals to get more work via networking.
Reaching a target audience with ads is straightforward.
There are thousands of opportunities in various niches.


There are scammers.
Competition is fierce in some subreddits.


Yes, there are some scammers to watch out for. Yes, the competition is high.

But there’s also opportunity.

And opportunities generate revenue, or at least a nice little side income of money from Reddit.

Wrapping Up

There are several ways to leverage Reddit and make money on the platform.

We’ve covered some of the top and busiest subreddits above. Certain subreddits exist purely to help members in finding revenue possibilities of various kinds. Others are there just to advertise jobs.

You must engage in frequent activity in the subreddits and turn into a valuable member of the community if you want the greatest outcomes.

If other users believe you are solely using the sub for your personal gain, it might be difficult to interact. Make an effort to give back to the community.

Now that we’ve given you a few tips and tricks, all that’s left to do is go out there and start earning.

Just remember: be interesting, post value, and always follow the subreddit’s rules. Who knows? Maybe you’re the next Alyssa X or Irshad Karim. 

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