SEO Content Tool to Help You Rank In 2022? [The Truth]

Frase is a powerful SEO content optimization tool and AI writer. The software can perform various tasks ranging from research to generating content briefs and can help streamline your content operations. But is the tool all it’s cracked up to be? Here’s a full Frase review from someone who has been using the tool for a year to answer that question.

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Frase is an SEO content optimization tool that helps users outline articles and write content with a better chance of ranking. The software has an intuitive layout and excels at assisting users in researching and breaking down articles that are currently ranking for a given keyword. It also makes creating optimized content easy through both an in-suite editor and an extension.

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Powerful AI writer
Easy to create and share briefs
Numerous research tools
Content scoring system for writers


SEO add-on is a bit expensive
Some features can be buggy

What is Frase?

Screenshot of the Frase IO homepage.

If you’re familiar with Surfer SEO or MarketMuse, Frase (also known as Frase IO) provides a similar service for marketers looking to get more out of their content. It’s a content writing tool and a content optimization tool.

One of the key selling points of Frase over competitors is how easy the tool makes it to research and format content. You can quickly outline articles and search through FAQs, people also ask, and other resources to figure out the primary search intent of an article and what readers are expecting.

There is also a powerful SEO add-on that allows you to look at monthly keyword search volume, gives you access to the AI writer, and provides extra data about top search results.

Pros of Frase

After using Frase for close to a year, I would say the primary upside over similar software is the outline feature. This tool pulls in headers from the top 20 search results and quickly lets you add desired headings to create an article outline. 

Not only does this make researching easy and help you get an idea of what’s ranking, but it also saves tons of time. Other benefits of Frase include:

Powerful AI writer
Easy to create and share content briefs
Numerous research tools
Content scoring system for writers

Cons of Frase

While I’ve found that the software is beneficial, it wouldn’t be a complete Frase review if I didn’t mention some downsides. 

The main issue I’ve had with the software is that their content scoring system is lacking compared to other tools. From my experience with other tools, I’ve found Surfer SEO to have one of the best scoring systems and NLP optimization tools.

One other downside is you have to pay extra each month to use the AI writer and enhanced SEO tools. All of this is available through the SEO add-on. Not everyone will need these tools, but the extra cost significantly raises the monthly price of operating the tool.

Some other drawbacks to Frase include:

SEO add-on is a bit expensive
Some features can be buggy

How does Frase work?

Frase works similarly to other SEO content creation and optimization tools, with a few exceptions that you should be aware of. 

To help you understand the process, I’ll walk you through it. For this Frase review, I’ll use create and outline and set up everything for an article about ‘Best Masks For Scuba Divers’ since I’m an avid diver.

Document Creation

To start with, you need to create a document in Frase around your target keyword. Set up any advanced details such as primary article language if not English and target location if you want localized results.

Screenshot of the document creation process in Frase IO.

Once this is complete, you can click on the Create Document button at the bottom of the popup to get started. There will be a panel on the left for researching the SERP results. The first thing you will need to do is click on the Let’s Go button to examine the results.

Screenshot of the Frase IO document editor.

It will usually take around 30 seconds to completely crawl the SERPs, at which point you will see information about:

Target Word Count
Optimal # of Headers
Target # of Outbound Links
Optimal # of Images

You will also see information on the actual results from the SERPs and the outline of each result which you can drop down to see the text.

Screenshot of the Frase IO document editor statistics page.

Depending on your goals, the next thing you would likely do is create an outline using the Outline section. 

Outline Creation

You can see the button for the Outline tool to the right of the panel you were working with. Click on this and then click the Open SERP Explorer to look at the results.

Screenshot of the Frase IO serp explorer and document outliner.

This is one area where Frase IO stands out. Frase has the most powerful and easiest to use outline tool of all the SEO content optimization tools I’ve used. You can look through the top 20 results and easily pull in headers that you want to use in your article.

Screenshot of the Frase IO document outliner.

You’ll need to go through all the SERP results until you find all the headers you want to add. After that’s complete, look for gaps where you can add content that you know is missing from the article and add them using the Add Custom Header button.

Screenshot of adding a custom headline into the Frase IO editor.

Once you’re satisfied with the outline, click the Save Outline button. You will likely need to edit some of the headers that you pulled in from the SERP Explorer.

Some of these will have different wording than you want to use, or they will have dynamic dates that were left out. Go through and edit the headers, and your outline will be ready to go.

Screenshot of the Frase IO outliner completed and inserted into the editor.

Writing The Article

After you’ve completed the outline, you have a few options. You can copy the headers and then paste them into your document editor. If you have a writer, you can export a content brief or write the article directly in Frase.

Writing in the editor will be the best choice if you are writing the article yourself and want to utilize the Frase optimization tools. Select Optimize on the right toolbar below the Outline button you used previously to get the content optimization tools.

Screenshot of the Frase IO optimizer page.

Optimizing the Article

The optimization tool for Frase is potent. I will say that Surfer SEO is a bit more robust in this regard, but by no means is Frase something to sleep on. 

Similar to tools like Surfer SEO and MarketMuse, you write your article in the content editor and use terminology recommended by the tool to help optimize your article.

Screenshot of the Frase IO optimizer tool.

The optimization tool will give you a recommended benchmark to ensure your article is fully optimized. You can further optimize the article using different optimization tools within Frase IO. These optimization options include:

Top Topics
Longtail Keywords (shown above)
Title Optimization
SERP Scores for other articles

Below is the title optimization tool that helps you create a title using keyword optimization complied from other SERP results.

Screenshot of the Frase IO title optimizer tool.

Once you’ve completed the article, you can easily export the document or highlight and copy the text to drop it into WordPress or wherever you need the article pasted.

Frase Features

While I’ve already noted some of the significant features of Frase, the tool has so many more features that can be incredibly helpful if you’re regularly creating content. Some of the most popular features include the following. 

Topic and Keyword Research

As shown above, one of the Frase SEO add-on features is the keyword research and topic research tools. The tool functions similarly to other keyword research tools by providing numbers and data to help you make informed decisions.

In the interest of being honest, I think there are plenty of better research tools. If you want to use the Frase keyword research tool, you need to pay extra for the SEO add-on.

The price of the add-on at the time of this article was $35, which means for a bit more, you can pay for a more robust tool such as Ahrefs or SEMrush.

Questions Research

This is one thing that I do like about the content editor and think is essential to single out in this Frase review. You can search through 7 different content data points to ensure your articles are thorough and rich in data.

One of the most important of these data points is the questions research tool. The other points that you can use to look through are:

SERP Overview
External Links
News & Related Sources
Wikipedia Topics

Screenshot of the Frase IO answers research tool.

The Questions research tool looks through more than just the search results and actually lets you examine questions from Reddit, Google’s “people also ask,” and Quora.

Frase Answers Chatbot

Another feature that separates Frase from similar tools is Frase Answers. This AI chatbot crawls your entire website and creates a database that makes answering users’ questions simple. 

Screenshot of Frase answers chatbot tool.

Setting up the chatbot is incredibly simple when compared to similar solutions. You don’t need to create complex decision trees that take hours to set up, making the tool more intuitive.

AI-Generated Content Briefs

If you regularly work with writers, you know one of the significant challenges is creating briefs that are detailed enough to get the article you want without being too wordy. 

Frase makes creating content briefs that will actually be useful to your writers much easier without requiring you to spend hours writing them. The tool allows you to include various pieces of information, including:

People Also Ask
Topic Clusters

Screenshot of the Frase IO AI content brief generator.

You can easily create the outline using this information and then edit or add information as needed.

Create and Optimize Content with Frase

As noted above in the How To Use Frase section, you can easily write all of your content within the document editor. 

The major upside here is that it’s straightforward to use the content optimization tool and write content more in line with what Google is already ranking. I also like the various tools such as the Topic Gap and Overuse features that help you further optimize your content. 

Screenshot of the Frase IO article optimizer tool.

It’s easy to write everything in the editor and functions similarly to any other document editor such as Google Docs. Once you’ve completed articles, you can quickly and easily copy everything over to wherever you want, such as a WordPress post or other document editor. 

Frase SEO Add-on

One of the main things that attracts many people to Frase is the SEO add-on. The add-on allows you to go further in-depth with your research with features such as:

Domain Data
Backlink Information
Keyword Monthly Search Volume

Further, with the Frase SEO add-on, you can utilize the AI writer, which ranks as one of the best based on testing of various AI writing tools. I’ve found the AI writer generally produces quality results that don’t read as gibberish and don’t need to be completely re-written.

There are over 35 different AI tools with the option to program your own based on specific needs. Some examples of the various AI tools include:

Blog Introductions
List of Questions
Meta Descriptions
Product Descriptions

These are some of the more popular uses of the AI tool, but almost anything you can think of, from short-form content to long-form, can be created using the Frase AI generator tool. 

The only downside to all of this is you will need to pay extra each month for the SEO add-on, which, when compared to the overall cost of using Frase, is quite a bit.

Frase Integrations

Screenshot of the Frase IO integrations options.

As with many popular SaaS SEO solutions, Frase integrates with many tools marketers and website owners commonly use. It should be noted that the WordPress integration is the newest of their different integration options and will likely use ongoing improvements. 


The Frase WordPress integration helps perform a wide range of tasks, including helping to install and manage the Frase answer bot. One thing to note is that the integration was temporarily removed from the WordPress plugin repository. The relaunch was set for Q2 of 2022 and can be downloaded through WordPress.

Google Analytics

You can send various tracking events related to Frase Answers and Frase content to your Google Analytics account. How you handle this will depend on how you’ve set up your Google analytics tracking.

It should be noted that Frase doesn’t directly integrate with Google Analytics yet. However, they’ve made it easy to use Frase with Analytics to track important events.

Google Docs

Screenshot of the Frase IO Google Docs addon.

As with similar SEO content optimization tools like Surfer SEO, you can write articles in Google Docs and still utilize the optimization features.

Frase provides a simple Google Docs add-on that allows you to write the content within the app and optimize using the longtail optimization tool.

Google Search Console

Screenshot of the Frase IO Google Search Console integration.

Another Google integration that Frase offers is Google Search Console. This makes it easy to track all of your rankings by importing information from Google Search Console directly into Frase. 

The primary benefit of using the integration is that you can make more informed decisions about your content creation process without constantly switching back and forth between apps. 

Screenshot of the Frase IO google search console terms article generator tool.

Another benefit is you can create documents within Frase directly from terms you are currently unranked for. You will need to ensure you’ve connected all of your Search Console accounts with Frase to do this.

HubSpot CRM

Screenshot of the Frase IO hubspot integration.

If you’re utilizing HubSpot on your website, you can easily connect the Frase Answers chatbot to your CRM and create new contacts when people interact with the chat. 

Setting up the integration is relatively straightforward and provides an extra data point and another way to collect contacts into your HubSpot CRM.

Live Chat

Screenshot of the Frase IO live chat feature.

The Frase Answers tool integrates with numerous live chat solutions to help you offer a better and more helpful customer service solution. When users are unable to find an answer using the Frase engine, they can be transferred to one of many live chat solutions, including:


Frase Pricing

Screenshot of the Frase IO pricing page.

One area where Frase beats out the competition, for now at least, is pricing. Because Frase is the new kid on the block, the pricing is less than competitors with more mature tools. As the tool grows in features and users, however, the price will likely move upwards.

Users can select from 3 different pricing options, Basic, Team, and Enterprise.

The basic and team options allow you to choose a monthly payment or annual payment for a discount. The enterprise plan is based on a custom pricing you will need to discuss directly with Frase.

With the core plans, you get all of the features of Frase, except for the AI writer and SEO analytics. These will need to be added separately through the SEO add-on.

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The SEO add-on is one of the primary features people are interested in with Frase. Mainly the AI Generator, which is one of the best in the industry. 

However, to get these features, you will need to purchase the SEO Add-On separately. The downside with this is the add-on is a monthly fee and, unless you plan on using these features often, can be quite steep compared to just paying for other tools as needed.

Frase Alternatives

While Frase is a great tool, this would by no means be a complete Frase review without looking at alternative SEO content optimization tools. Here are the primary competitors to Frase.

Surfer SEO

Screenshot of the Surfer SEO homepage.

Surfer SEO is another SEO content optimization tool and has come to dominate the industry regarding user numbers and features.

Overall, Surfer SEO offers a more feature-rich toolset that will appeal to a broader number of users. However, One thing I think Frase does better is their content outline tool, which is a bit more intuitive than Surfer SEO.

You can read more about it in our Surfer SEO review.


Screenshot of the Market Muse homepage.

MarketMuse is another great option and offers highly dependable SEO content optimization features. However, the main drawback is the price, which is substantially more than Surfer SEO and Frase IO.

One benefit of MarketMuse is they offer a free introductory offer for new website owners. However, when you need to upgrade, expect to pay much more for the product than other solutions.

PageOptimizer Pro

Screenshot of the Page Optimizer Pro homepage.

PageOptimizer Pro is an SEO optimization tool that offers services similar to Market Muse and Surfer SEO but takes a patented scientific approach developed by noted SEO professional Kyle Roof.

Kyle developed a method for testing the effects of different ranking factors based on over 400 scientific tests. His method and ranking system hold an official patent from the U.S. Patent Office.

You can read more about this tool in our PageOptimizer Pro review.

Whom is Frase Best Suited to?

Frase is an excellent option if you regularly create online content. Everyone, including bloggers, copywriters, freelance content creators, small businesses, and even larger companies, can benefit from the tool.

The tool has been proven reliable, with companies as large as Coursera, Active Campaign, and Shopify using it in their regular content creation process. The learning curve is low because the interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to get started with content creation quite quickly.

Overall, the tool can be a great addition to your content creation process and can help you take the guesswork out of the process.

So, if you regularly create content and want to potentially improve your chances of ranking content in top positions, Frase may be an excellent tool to add to your arsenal.

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